Marietta Extra Inning Club



The Marietta Extra Inning Club is an incorporated not for profit organization established for the purpose of supporting the baseball teams of Marietta High School through donations, fundraisers, and volunteer efforts by it’s members.

Please note: the Marietta Extra Inning club is open to all prospective baseball families. Everyone, parents and players, both new and returning, are invited to attend and participate. Everyone is allowed to engage in discussions, make motions from the floor, and to vote. We also strongly encourage everyone to get involved in fundraisers and facilities improvement programs. It is work; but, it is always a lot of fun. This is your club, for the benefit of the players and coaches. Our success in supporting the program depends on the efforts of all of us.

Current Officers Name Phone Email
President Rob Williamson
Secretary  Kelly Krivsky
Treasurer  Sandra Williamson
Field & Concessions Director Matt Sparger
Communication Coordinator Sherri Dombi


Committees, Fundraisers and Events Leaders
Pancake Breakfast
Pregame Meals
Senior Night
2015-2016 MEIC meeting Dates:

Downloads (in pdf format):

MEIC – 1000 Whitlock Avenue, Suite 320, PMB151, Marietta, GA 30064