The Blue Devil Nation

BD Nation

The Blue Devil Nation is for ALL BLUE DEVILS: Alumni, Marietta Community, Sponsors, Future Blue Devils and Families, MCS Faculty and Staff, and our present Marietta players and their families.  For more information check out the Join the Nation page.


  • Chris and Jacey Stafford and family
  • Romas and Laura Hicks and family
  • Gil and Rosina Navarro and family
  • Phillip and Laura Rogers and family
  • Neal and Tara Sammons and family
  • Mrs. Forrestella Taylor
  • Mr. Paul Hall
  • Scott and Carla Mills and family
  • Allen and Kelly Krivsky
  • Chris and Anna Norris
  • The Sparger Family
  • The Dombi Family
  • Tom and Tracie Guckian
  • Clifford Kipp
  • Bill and Lynne Underwood
  • Steve Tumlin
  • Ron Gilstrap
  • Jeoff Moore
  • Terrell Ard
  • The Worden Family
  • Sam Storey
  • Dan and Kathy Norris
  • The Gazaway Family
  • The Dougherty Family
  • The Parker Family
  • The Brunet Family
  • Dan and Judy Meredith
  • Betsy and Gil Hastings
  • Kelly and Gib Hastings
  • Rob and Sandra Williamson and family
  • The Eskildsen Family
  • The Mayfield Family
  • Roger Balko
  • John and Jean Stafford
  • Allison Gruehn
  • The Hicks Family